Gets Under Your SkinTM


The more you know, the more you’ll love subcutaneous securement

SecurAcath is a new subcutaneous catheter securement device that utilizes a small anchor placed just beneath the skin in the subcutaneous tissue. The device is attached to the catheter at the insertion site – eliminating the need for adhesive devices or sutures.

No irritating adhesives or sutures

  • Won’t cause adhesive irritation or suture erosion
  • Works with your preferred PICC or CVC

Eliminates suture needle sticks

  • No sutures means no needle stick injuries
  • Keeping staff safe saves time and money

Seconds to place, seconds to remove

  • Placement and removal is fast and easy
  • Maximizes efficiency and minimizes patient discomfort

Continuously secure

  • Never needs replacing no matter how long the catheter is in place
  • Remains stable and secure during 360-degree site cleaning

Designed to prevent migration and pistoning

  • Secures catheter at the insertion site to prevent catheter movement

Comfortable for patients

  • Anchor sits in subcutaneous tissue, below pain receptor nerves
  • Patients in clinical study reported minimal pain or discomfort*

* data on file