For the Life of the Line



SecurAcath® provides improved catheter securement which reduces complications and total cost of patient care

SecurAcath offers significant cost savings compared to adhesive stabilization devices and sutures. Sutures and adhesive devices often have many additional costs not immediately realized such as: catheter dislodgement, migration, line repositioning, maintenance time, infections and needle stick complications.


Decreased Catheter Replacement Costs

  • SecurAcath had a low rate of catheter dislodgments in clinical study 

          -1.5%, 0.7/1000 catheter days

  • Facilities using the SecurAcath have reported a significant decrease in unscheduled PICC replacements

          -PICC replacement cost is approximately $500 at bedside, $1000 in IR, $1200 in pediatrics


Decreased Catheter Movement or Migration

  • Catheter movement at the insertion site can introduce bacteria beneath the skin
  • Improved stability may promote healing at insertion site which acts as a natural barrier to infection
  • May reduce phlebitis, thrombosis and infection


Improved Efficiency

  • Snaps on in seconds, much faster than adhesive devices or sutures
  • Secures for the life of the line with just one device
  • Saves nursing time during weekly dressing changes
  • Allows for easy catheter repositioning


360 Degree Cleaning While Secured

  • Excellent cleaning access around the entire insertion site
  • Catheter remains stable and secure during cleaning
  • More effective site cleaning and improved catheter stability may help reduce infections


No Needle Sticks

  • No risk of expensive suturing complications
  • Average cost of a needle stick injury is $825
  • Cost is much higher if a bloodborne disease is contracted


Comfortable for Patients

  • Anchor sits in subcutaneous tissue, below pain receptor nerves
  • Patients in clinical study reported minimal pain or discomfort*

* data on file