Place catheter according to protocol, leaving 3cm of catheter external to the insertion site. SecurAcath requires 3cm of catheter shaft to attach to catheter.

Select appropriate size SecurAcath device to match catheter diameter. If the catheter is labeled with a half French size, use the closest smaller size SecurAcath, e.g. with 8.5F catheter, use 8F SecurAcath.

Step 1

  • Fold the base downward until tips of feet come together
  • Lift the catheter to visualize the insertion site
  • Apply light traction to the skin to help dialate the insertion site
  • Use the tip of a dilator to stretch the skin opening if necessary


Step 2

  • Hold folded base perpendicular to the catheter track
  • Slant base at an angle to skin surface with tips pointing towards insertion site
  • Insert tips of feet into the insertion site following catheter track until the curved segment is no longer visible

Step 3

  • Align base to desired orientation
  • Advance feet a few mm into subcutaneous tissue
  • Release base to allow it to open until flat
  • Gently retract base to be sure there is some subcutaneous tissue between the feet and the dermis

Step 4

  • Use sterile gauze to remove blood, ultrasound gel or other fluids from the catheter
  • Be sure catheter and base are clean and dry
  • Align catheter with the groove in the base and press catheter into the groove

Step 5

  • Place cover on the base by pressing firmly at center then edges while holding the base
  • Check to be sure cover is fully attached to base. No gap should be visible between the cover and base.

Step 6

  • Catheter is now secured
  • SecurAcath device lays flat on skin and will secure catheter for the duration of therapy
  • Optional—cover may be removed and replaced to adjust catheter length
  • Dress site per hospital protocol
  • Apply transparent dressing somewhat loosely. Make sure catheter hub is under the dressing with only extension tubes outside